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"I have pain over the balls of my feet.”


Metatarsalgia is characterized by pain and tenderness along the ball of the foot. For dancers, this is commonly caused by instability in the joints of the smaller toes. Repeated sprains and overstretched ligaments can lead to laxity, or increased flexibility in these joints. For a dancer, years of overwork and forcing of extreme motion in the foot can increase laxity and may cause subluxation of these joints.

This can lead to painfull nerve entrapments called mortons neuromas.


As with all acute inflammatory conditions, ice and rest are appropriate. Strengthening the muscles that control toe flexion can be helpful. This can be done with towel scrunches (using your toes to grab a towel placed on the ground and drawing it towards you). A metatarsal pad just behind the balls of the feet can help prevent subluxations and may relieve pain.

BOOK an assessment  with our podiatrist  who will provide treatment and identify and correct  any underlying biomechanical issues and muscle imbalances and assist with rehabilitation.