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Dancer’s Fracture - Stress Fractures

"I landed badly from a jump and now it hurts to walk."


This is the most common acute fracture seen in dancers. This fracture occurs along the 5th metatarsal, the long bone on the outside of the foot. The typical method of injury is landing from a jump on an inverted (turned-in) foot. The dancer will usually experience immediate pain and swelling. He or she may or may not be able to walk.


Treatment typically consists of ice, elevation, and limiting weight bearing activities. Consulting with a physician to confirm a fracture will be necessary. A dancer’s fracture will require a period of immobilization while the injury heals. Rehabilitation should follow to rebuild foot and ankle mobility and strength.

BOOK an assessment  with our podiatrist  who will provide treatment and identify and correct  any underlying biomechanical issues and muscle imbalances and assist with rehabilitation.